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Are you looking to sell your home fast? Arcane Properties can offer you a closing on your timeline, with no fees, no showing, no hassle, and the offer will be in cash!  ...

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Currently Arcane Properties owns eight rental units in Lockport New York.  Six of these units are located at 6305 Robinson Road, the other two are located at 141 Passaic Ave....

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Rob McIntosh

Rob McIntosh

Rob has been a business owner in Lockport NY for over 20 years. His experience in growing a business is invaluable and his knowledge of the western new york real estate market is unparalled. Having completed numerous remodeling projects and helping out numerous home owners who were in need, Rob is the expert behind Arcane Properties that can help you get your home sold quickly! Give him a call today at 716.800.1414!

Bob McIntosh

Bob McIntosh

Bob is passionate about renovating homes and is a self-proclaimed ‘renovation dominator’ with a passion for helping home owners from getting screwed in one of the few industries left where consumers voice is often not heard. Bob’s systems allow home owners and investors alike truly dominate in an area that has been traditionally difficult to break into due to high barriers to entry.

He along with his Dad, Rob McIntosh started their real estate investment business with an eye towards helping home owners.  With this thought on the forefront of his mind, Bob began Arcane Properties in June of 2008 with the goal of bringing superior service to all of its projects.  Superior service, high quality, trustworthy people, those are the basics of Arcane Foundations.  They are at the heart of every unit for rent, house renovated, development created, and personal interaction that Arcane Properties does.

In addition to this Bob McIntosh has shared the stage with some of the largest names in the real estate industry such as Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, JD Esajian, and Ralph Plumb. He has also had the honor of speaking for Home Owners Associations, Real Estate Investment Associations, and many other groups of home owners and real estate investors.

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