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4 Things To Consider When You Are Selling A Property

There are some things to keep in mind when selling your property. For one, you must present your property in its best light to attract potential offers from buyers. You may have to incur some expenses if you want to showcase your home in a significant way. This includes power washing exterior walls and driveways, along with trimming hedges and keeping your landscaping clean. If opting for short sales and are located in Buffalo, we buy houses in Buffalo. In fact, we purchase all types of homes in any condition, and can truly take the stress out of the entire selling process Still, here are some recommendations for homeowners that want to go the traditional selling way.

The Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents have intricate knowledge of the industry and all its trends. However, it is imperative to hire the right agent – one that knows how to market and advertise your property to the right sellers effectively.


Remember, while some agents have unsurpassed expertise in listing properties, others have a tight grasp on the market as a whole. With this mind, you need an agent that is well-versed and knows to communicate in a professional manner.

Similarly, your agent must have extensive experience and understand the ins and outs of your area. He or she should also possess the right skills to attract the right buyers while ensuring you receive proper restitution across the board.


While commissions are essential, do not settle for agents that just care about the dollar value. Instead, do some research and find professional that are genuinely committed to helping you sell your home – as opposed to just landing the deal and treating you like a statistic.

The Listing Price

Getting the right price for your home means you have to be fair across the board. While you should not settle for low-ball offers, you must learn how to refuse these offers politely. It is important to research the median home price ranges in your respective area or vicinity. However, let your agent do most of the legwork — since you are paying him or her to sell your property.


At the same time, having an initial listing price that is above market value may turn away potential investors. High asking prices may also result in a dormant listing – and this is never good for anyone that wants to expedite the sales process. With this in mind, choose a fair price that falls into the current market trends. This is sure to increase buyer interest, as well as showings and better offers across the table.

The First Impression

Your property needs to sell itself in order to generate interest. Remember, the right listing prices are important, but the presentation is equally as essential in securing the right offers With this mind, it is vital to go comb through entire property and see which areas need improvement.


Again, let your agent suggest some modifications, tips, or suggestions on how best to improve your property. This may include removing any family photos – since that offers a sentimental connection to the home as a whole. Be prepared to dish out some funds for interior cleaning, as well as adding vibrant lights and even deep-cleaning your flooring. Here are some more steps to ensure a perfect presentation for all showings:

– Always spray the interiors of your home with a nice, but not over-powering freshener. Don’t go overboard as certain odors can turn away potential buyers.

– Keep all your blinds open during daytime showings or walk-throughs. Sufficient light is a great way to market your home, gardens, and others are in their best light.

– Avoid cooking on stovetops on the day of showings. This can result in odors that again — may turn off buyers and their interest levels.

– Try to keep your property as spotless as possible at all times. Remember, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression so try and do everything right the first time.

When selling your property, put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. If you see something that is not right, chances are your buyer will see it as well. Remember, even replacing a burned-out bulb is important in presenting your home in its best light. With this in mind, make a checklist of any repairs, enhancements or modifications that need to be done to interiors and exteriors — before showings commence.

The Offer

Do not be tempted to take the highest offer right away. In fact, you should always check out the financing, closing date, and contingencies with each acceptable offer. Remember, if you accept an offer that ultimately does not close, you will have to start the process anew.


It is also important to know that buyers that were interested in your property weeks ago may have had a change of heart. This is very common in the real estate industry, and it’s important to review the pre-qualification letter with your agent. Also, look at the financing aspect of each offer — especially the type of loan selected and down payment.

You will also need to review any contract in a timely and detailed manner. If certain prospective buyers are asking for too many unreasonable contingencies, move on to the next one on the list. The best way to avoid troublesome buyers is to accept an offer that ends up closing in the easiest way possible. However, that offer should at least be in your ballpark range.


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