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9 Tips For Selling Your House Fast in Buffalo

Selling a house is never easy. It takes a lot of time and money. This is because in some cases the house needs to be fixed up to make it presentable. You also have to prepare the house for visits by potential buyers. Since there are many properties on the market, getting a buyer for your house is not always easy.


Furthermore, getting a willing buyer for the property at the price you are hoping to get, can be even more challenging. Negotiations and closing can prove to be time-consuming as well. Below are the top 9 tips for selling your house fast in Buffalo:

1. Rent a Storage Unit

The first step to selling your house quickly is making your house appear to look its very best. This means zero clutter inside the house. Every single room inside the house, including the closet, should be kept clean and well-organized, with only essential items being kept inside the home.


All other items should be kept offsite in a self-storage unit. Seasonal clothes, holiday decorations and anything else that is not used regularly should go to the storage unit to create space inside the house. This will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

2. Look for Professional Home Staging

Home staging is all about camouflaging or softening the flaws in a property as well as highlighting the strengths. Since you have lived in the house for several years, it may be hard to see the flaws with your own eyes.


When potential buyers come in, however, they may discover serious flaws that can negatively influence their buy decision. That is why you should hire an experienced stager to stage and photograph the property. Professional stagers not only offer a pair of fresh eyes, they also often produce great listing photos that can get your property sold fast at the right price.

3. Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

To sell your house fast, you need to hire a reputable real estate agent with a great track record. Start by making a list of all the top agents in your neighborhood and search for their reviews online. This will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to hire them or not.

4. Take a Hands-On Approach

While it is important to hire a real estate agent, who will market and promote the property, be sure to also market the house yourself. This is because some of your friends, colleagues, and relatives might be interested in the property, or they may know someone who may be interested in the property. For this reason, consider using social media and word of mouth to market the property.

5. Get Rid of or Store Personal Items

While having your wedding photos and baby pictures hanging on the wall may be important to you, it will make it difficult for potential buyers to picture the house as their own. Therefore, you should take down any photos of your family. This will make it easier to sell your house fast.

6. Make Some Upgrades

Upgrading your home does not mean spending tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling just to make the house attractive. A new coat of paint (neutral colors) might be all you need. Replacing light fixtures, the kitchen sink, and shower curtains can also help. These are affordable upgrades that you can make in your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

7. Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

The first thing that potential buyers will see when they look at your property is the yard. How your property looks from the outside can play a big part in the buyer’s decision to come look at the inside of the house, let alone buy it. Therefore, you should mow the lawn and get rid of any weeds that may be growing there, and deal with the landscape properly. In some cases, if you have a fence it may also need to be mended and/or painted.


Also, consider power washing the driveway and walkways as well as the exterior of the house. Remember to polish the doorknob and kick-plate. You want everything about your home to look “perfect” or as close to it as you can.

8. Brighten Up Your Home

You do not want potential buyers to get into a poorly lit home as it will have a depressing feeling. To brighten up your home, consider installing the highest wattage bulbs and open up the curtains.

9. Sell at the Right Time

The key to selling your home fast and at the right price is to sell it at the right time. This can be in Spring, Summer or the early months of Fall. If you want to sell in a matter of days, these are the best times of the year to sell for your property.

If you are looking to sell your home fast, look no further. We buy houses in Buffalo. We buy as-is for cash, we cover the closing costs, and we close on your timeline. For more information contact us today at (716)-800-1414

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