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Appliance Selection for Your Kitchen Renovation – Is Stainless Steel Right for You?

When it comes down to selecting new appliances for your kitchen renovation, it is important to keep in mind these are products you generally use for many years. You want to choose appliances for your remodeling project that are pleasing to look at and function suitably for your needs.


When you visit the appliance store, the choices can be overwhelming. Different models have various features, some cost more than others, and some manufacturers offer better warranties than others do.

A popular choice for appliances in recent years has been stainless steel. This finish was once found primarily in commercial applications such as restaurants, but is now finding its way into many residential homes. Most every appliance you can imagine is now offered in stainless steel.

Are you considering a stainless steel finish on the appliances for your kitchen remodeling project? If you aren’t sure, maybe this information will help.

Features of Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless – It stands to reason since the finish is called “stainless steel,” the surface of these appliances does not stain. However, some products for cleaning and repelling smudges and fingerprints can discolor the steel, so always test in an inconspicuous area first.

Sleek and Modern – Back in the day of high pile shag carpet, it was common to see avocado green or harvest gold appliances. These non-neutral colors made other finishes difficult to match and blend and people grew tired of them quickly.

As this trend of colors began to fade from the marketplace, appliance finishes began to lean toward neutral colors like almond and bisque, and stainless steel was considered the bright, shiny, sleek finish for the “kitchen of the future.”

Durability – Stainless steel appliances are known to have a longer life span than most other appliance finishes as long as the appliances are taken care of. This is why they are commonly used in commercial applications.

Ease of Cleaning – Stainless steel is considered one of the easiest to clean of all appliance finishes. However, the steel finish shows dirt and smudges more than other appliance finishes, so be prepared to wipe it down often. Typically a paper towel and glass cleaner is all that is needed.

Germ Barrier – Scratches, chips, and nicks in some appliance finishes rust and can be penetrated easily by germs and other bacteria. Stainless steel is rust resistant, and as long as you avoid cleaning it with harsh abrasive products, the finish will remain intact for many years.

Smudges – Worried about smudges and fingerprints on the steel surface? There are products intended solely for repelling them. Test a product first in a small hidden area to make sure the product does not affect the color of the steel. Some units come from the factory with a smudge resistant finish already applied.

Cost – The downside of stainless steel appliances is they most always cost more than other appliances. You can purchase models in other finishes for substantially less that have all the same features except the stainless steel coating.

Additional Tips on Using Stainless Steel Appliances for Your Home Renovation

* Always read manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning products you can use that are safe for the finish

* While fingerprints are easy to remove, they do show up more on stainless steel than on other finishes

* Stainless steel appliances are considered “high end” appliances, so they add value to your home

* Stainless steel does not blend with all other appliance finishes, so think long and hard before adding a stainless refrigerator to a kitchen with all other almond or black appliances; the refrigerator will look out of place all by itself

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