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Are You Still On Track To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Every New Year, we make new resolutions that can help improve our life in the coming year. As unbelievable as it may seem, 2017 is already over three weeks old. And before you know, spring may be around the corner followed by summer. Although you may feel like having made your resolutions just yesterday, each passing day can drift you away from your goal, getting you back from where you started. The third week of the year is usually the time when most of the resolutions are broken. Most of us often do not make much progress until this time and usually tend to go back to our old ways. However, if you do not want a failed resolutions to change your long-term vision, you can work towards achieving your goal any time. So, are you still on track to achieve your New Year?s resolutions? Listed below are some simple steps that can help you follow your resolutions that way you have planned.

Set Your Goals To follow your resolutions and achieve your goals, constant recalibration is required. To stay focused towards achieving your goals, you need to evaluate what you have done and what you need to do more to achieve your goal. Following resolutions can be compared to a dieter dealing with setbacks. Just like a dieter who finds it difficult to get back on track after a bad meal, an individual following a resolution may scrap their plan and get back to their old pattern the minute something goes wrong. This can often leave you sulking and drift you away from your goal. Setting new goals will not only help you stay motivated but will also encourage you to work hard and move forward with a positive attitude.

Keep Trying Sticking to your resolutions to achieve your goals can be an uphill task. While leading a life without committing to any change can be easy, trying to break your bad habits to cultivate new good ones can be quite difficult. Studies have revealed that people who try to quit smoking often fail several times until they keep trying several times to finally quit for good. This is the kind of attitude one needs to have when trying to achieve their goals. Trying to develop a new habit is not possible without experiencing a few bumps in the road. To achieve your goals, accept that it will be a constant battle. If you keep trying hard and fight constantly regardless of your setback, there is nothing that can stop you getting what you want.

Fear Failure Most vision success more than failures. When trying to achieve your goal, always fear failure. What will happen if you fail to achieve the success you anticipated? The fear of failure can make one help one stay motivation towards achieving their goals. It only helps us stay motive to move forward, but also encourages to take risks to attain our goals. Additionally, when we fear failure, we avoid making a fuss on trivial matters which in turn can make a great difference in achieving failure and success. Thinking about the results of a failure is one of the worst feelings that one can experience in life. Taking steps to keep away failures will help you avoid it, helping you move a step closer towards accomplishing your New Year resolutions.

Envision Success Visualizing your success before taking any action can play a pivotal role in helping you take a step forward towards achieving your goals. For instance, take athletes. A golfer sees a putt go in before he actually hits it. Visualization not only helps increase athletic performance, but also helps ease anxiety and fear and aid in relaxation. There are two types of resolutions. While the first method involves envisioning yourself of achieving your goal, the second one involves visualizing each action necessary to achieve the outcome you desire. Creating a clear picture in your mind as to what you need to do, how you want to do it and what are steps should be taken to get there can help you move in the right direction. Once you envision your success, taking action becomes easier. By visualizing success in your mind, you have already created a blueprint and game plan for success. However, when creating a picture in your mind, try to be more practical and realistic. If you think that the road to your success will be easy, you may have difficulty in dealing with things when they don’t turn out the way you had imagined them. When you envision your success, moving towards your goal becomes easier.

Think Big Always think big when setting your goals. If you do not set high standards, you will never be able to realize your complete potential. One of the common traits that rich people around the world have is their ability to think big and set big goals. Thinking big forces your mind to challenge conventional wisdom and stirs your passion and enthusiasm. When you think big, it challenges you to expand your means rather than pursuing something that you are comfortable with. In fact, the true magic of thinking big is that it eliminates impossibilities and makes the impossible possible.

The New Year is a convenient time for those who want to bring about positive changes in their personal or professional life. However, the truth is that there is no good time to bring in positivity in your life. So, if your New Year resolution has gone off the track, now is the best time to get back on track.


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