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Bathroom Renovation – Enhancing Major Selling Features

You often here that a kitchen will sell the house, and this is true. However, you can’t forget about your bathroom’s either. Despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the least used rooms in the house, it is one of the most important to make a good impression in. Not only that but bathroom renovations represent a major cost of your budget, especially if you are doing more to it than just a facelift. You should consider the bathrooms the 2nd most important portion of your renovation after the kitchen. If you choose your materials wisely it will have a dramatic effect on your property’s sellability.


Return on Investment in a Fix and Flip Bathroom Renovation

It’s important to utilize your renovation dollars wisely, and a residential bathroom can usually be perked up for a minimal investment, especially considering the potential value of return. With that said, don’t scrimp here, the extra money spent will be returned if not directly in the price, in house fast your property sells, and we all know that can impact your bottom line.

Fixture Fix-Up Decisions

If the bathroom fixtures are still in good condition, replacement may not be necessary. If they are dated and worn, replacement is recommended in the renovation process.

If the shower or tub unit is a one-piece fiberglass type, it is better to consider refinishing or repairing it rather than replacing. In most cases, it can be rejuvenated to look new at much less expense than buying a new one, and you might find the newer tubs larger and difficult to deliver through available doorways depending on the original make and model of the existing unit. Ask your contractor about re-glazing. If done properly, your shower or tub will look brand new!

Nice new toilets are a good selling feature and relatively inexpensive if you stick with the simple 1.5-gallon flush type. In most cases, replacement is recommended because of the impression it provides to the home shopper, especially considering the minimal cost involved. If space allows, consider an elongated toilet over a standard size one.

Countertops are High Visibility Impression Makers

Countertops on vanities are high visibility items and make a strong impression at first glance. Savvy home shoppers have done their homework on the latest styles and trends, and cultured marble and solid surface countertops are big sellers and what your buyers are expecting in a recently renovated home.

If the existing countertops are the poured marble type, it may be possible to have them professionally buffed to look as good as new. It is best to check costs to see what the actual difference is between replacement and repair.

Also consider left over granite from the kitchen. In many cases you are paying for a slab and the waste is just that… waste. If there is extra material left over you can often use that in the bathroom for minimal cost.

Bath Cabinets – Renovate or Replace?

The cabinet under the countertop will most often be fine if it is cleaned up and painted. If you prefer to install new cabinets, a new pre-manufactured unit is an economical solution. Any home improvement shop has literally hundreds of prefab cabinets (many including counter tops) to choose from. So if you haven’t already, head on down to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or similar store and see what they have. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Bathroom Floor Style Update

Floors in bathrooms take a lot of abuse, and if they are linoleum or rubber tile, a few years of use is all that you can expect from them. Linoleum tears easily and many home shoppers compare properties based on the value and durability of the finishes installed. We recommend you opt for hard tile because of its durability and sellability. While ceramic tile prices do vary depending on many factors, attractive tiles are available at an affordable cost. Also keep in mind the size of the tile when you are picking it out. The smaller or more complicated the pattern, the more money it costs to install.

Wall Finishes – Wallpaper or Paint

If the existing bathroom doesn’t have wallpaper, then the general consensus is to refrain from adding it. You increase your value with a quality paint job rather than wallpaper because a design that isn’t appreciated by a prospective buyer can lose a sale rather than win it.

If the existing bathroom has wallpaper, then we recommend you remove it. Wallpaper was all the craze 10 years ago, but you aren’t trying to sell a house 10 years ago, you are trying to sell it now!

Bathroom Renovation Assessment

Any qualified home remodeling professional will advise that the most economical bathroom renovation is one that leaves existing items in place. When you start to move plumbing and relocate fixtures, you can run into great expense depending on the specifics involved. While this may not always be possible depending on the situation, it is the most economical approach.

It is best to have an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor make an initial assessment of the bathroom and make recommendations on the most economical and yet effective renovation to enhance the selling features of a fix and flip property. You might be surprised at the difference just a few simple changes can make in a bathroom renovation.

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