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How To Budget For Home Rennovations

Ready for a new kitchen? Anxious to redo the bathroom? The easy part is knowing what you want to remodel and why — whether you’re trying to keep up with your growing family, add office space, or increase your home’s value. But figuring out how to renovate without breaking the bank can be tricky. Here are five key steps […]

Earn $1,600 to $2,400 in 2-3 Months!

The title says it all folks! We have a new lending opportunity. We are looking for $80,000 to purchase and complete the rehab on this amazing home in the Royal Parkway neighborhood of Lockport NY. We are offering 12% annualized interest and it is anticipated that this will take approximately 2-3 months to complete. This […]

What Do You Think Of This Kitchen?

Hey everyone, so we now have the kitchen almost fully complete! The beautiful granite counter tops are in, along with the awesome kitchen cabinets! Plus, you can’t forget the amazingly beautiful laminate hard wood floor, its such high quality that you can’t tell the difference between this and the real stuff… plus its more durable! […]

7033 Northview Renovation Takes Shape!

Hey everyone! So we are cranking right along on our 2nd renovation. We even have a private investor taking part and earning an amazing 12% interest on the project! The systems in place have helped make this renovation go off with only minor issues to deal with as we move into week 2 on the […]

Arcane Tackles its Second Renovation!

Hey everyone.  So we have closed on our second rehab project.  This house is nestled in an amazing family oriented neighborhood within Lockport, NY.  These homes are generally sold to first time home buyers and Arcane is very excited at being able to eventually provide such an amazingly renovated home to a first time home […]

New Jersey Flip Underway!

After an unbelievable amount of delays from Wells Fargo, Arcane Properties closed on the property in Kearny NJ!  The renovations officially begin on Monday November 2nd at 8am.  Please see the “NJ Flip” section above for more information, pictures, and progress reports!

New Jersey Property Identified

We have located a single family property in Kearny in need of rehab.  The property is under contract and we are awaiting contractor review to ensure our estimates to rennovate were correct.  There is still time to invest as we anticipate a 70%-80% return on cash for this investment.  The web page tracking our project […]

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