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Change of Pace & Market

Hello everyone! Over the past several months Arcane Properties has been evaluating its presence within the New Jersey Market, and has made the decision to change markets. Starting July 1st 2010 Arcane Properties will no longer be investing in the New Jersey market and will move its New Jersey based operations to the Greater Los Angeles Market.

This change was predicated by a number of influences. The first and foremost being that the opportunity in the California Market far exceeds that in the New Jersey Market. The foreclosure map below shows the vast opportunity for investors in the California market vs the New Jersey market:

Today’s buyer is not interested in a home that needs work or repairs when there are multiple other homes that do not. Today’s buyer want’s the house to be move-in ready, no hassle, no repairs, no headaches. Many of the homes in the California market were built in the 70’s, and many of the homeowners, particularly those in foreclosure, have made no upgrades to the homes they were in (if they didn’t have money to pay the mortgage, they didn’t have money to upgrade the house). This presents a unique opportunity for Arcane Properties to step in, and fulfill a need.

With that said however, our core values, and the reason we began this adventure have not changed. Our systems have not changed. Your investment in us has not changed. The only change is more opportunity for you to grow with us!

To help celebrate this move we have decided to begin an unprecedented referral/partner program to prove to you the bounties of the new market we are moving into. We will be announcing the details of this program soon, so stay tuned and tell your friends to come check us out, they won’t be disappointed!!

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