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When you are looking for a great little place to hang your hat and kick off your boots, Cheektowaga NY beacons you home with equal parts sacred nostalgia and modern-day musing. A down town feel with an uptown vibe, Cheektowaga is filled with a lot of beautiful promise for settling down, growing up or just making the next big move.

The Area

Cheektowaga is a favorite hangout for families who want a great neighborhood at an affordable price. With a population of around 88,000, this town is located near Buffalo, a hub for family fun, attractions and state wide staples of New York living. Choose from one of these areas located in Cheektowaga to come explore or live…

– Cleveland Hill – Perhaps the most popular of spots, Cleveland Hill, a northern community, has its very own school district, one of the highest ranked in the area. This makes it a popular home for families, offering the very best education available nearby home.

– Depew – An eastern village, the town of Depew is a little on the small side but a locale favorite even still. Small on space. Big on character.

– Maryvale – The home of Maryvale High School, you will find this gem nestled to the west of the airport. While it is a bit away from the airport, always take time to visit the property when a plane leaves out to make sure you cannot hear the loud takeoffs constantly.

– Bellevue – A great place for celebration, Bellevue features a historic 19th century bar and cafe to come and dine like the ancestors did. While you are here, checks in to Bellevue Hotel, a historic location rich in nostalgia.

-Fork – This tiny space is a hamlet in the area.

– Pine Hill – The home of the Villa Maria College, this locale rests on the Buffalo line.

– Sloan – Another location near the Buffalo border,Sloan features its own school district.

South Cheektowaga – Along the border of Seneca, South Cheektowaga is a hot spot for apartment complexes for young, growing families.

Cheektowaga NY Schools

With many achools to choose from, no matter where you plan to live, you will find a nearby school for you and your family to be that home away from home for your child. Visit Pine Hill Education Center for alternative learning or enlist in the Cleveland Hill district, which is one of the area’s most widely and highly rated school.

Price and Real Estate

When it comes to Cheektowaga NY, you would be hard pressed to find a less inexpensive city. With an average home sale at 100,300 dollars, Cheektowaga offers a lot of bang for your buck. You will also find a wide selection of home styles and apartment complexes to choose from.

Cheektowaga NY is a lovely little city to call home and the experts of Arcane Properties are there to help you buy that beautiful, new two story with the perfect tree swing or sell your modern, apartment in a trendy locale. From historic Bellevue to popular Cleveland Hill, contact the Arcane Properties team today at 716-800-1414.

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