Using Natural Curb Appeal to Attract Homebuyers

You’ve probably passed up a movie or book based on the first impression you received. The old saying is, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but most people do exactly that. The packaging on any product has much to do with its success or failure in the marketplace, and a home is no different.


Curb Appeal – A First Impression

This is no different when it comes to the curb appeal of a house, or in some cases, the lack of it. Just like a book, the exterior of the home is the first impression anyone receives, and it will have an effect on how the entire house will be viewed by a home shopper.

Fixer upper properties will move faster if a bit of care and concern are given to the exterior of the property.

If the person doesn’t like the exterior, they probably aren’t going to be too interested in seeing the inside, and even if they do go inside, that negative vibe will stay with them throughout the house.

A Home Improvement Assessment for a Renovation

Painting the exterior and cleaning the exterior veneer are two ways to enhance the curb appeal, but there is more that can be done. Landscaping has a lot to do with how well the exterior is perceived, especially in the spring and summer months (or year round if you live in a warmer climate like Los Angeles).

The home improvement assessment of any house you plan to fix and flip should include both the interior and exterior of the property, and this includes the landscaping.

Some good impression makers that attract people include:

1. Plenty of Color – Annual flowers are an attractive feature for the exterior of any home. Perennials also give a pleasant welcome, but they do not offer the same brilliance as the annuals. A couple of annual planting beds strategically placed will provide a warm home atmosphere.

2. Carefully Manicured Lawns – It is tempting to employ the cheapest lawn service you can find and pass up any extra expenses, but a lawn that has grass clippings piled on it and hasn’t been edged in a couple of months is a negative selling feature. If you have a continuing arrangement with a landscaping service, make sure it is clearly understood what you want and will accept.

3. Good Landscape Design – It never hurts to ask the advice of experts in the business as to what they think of the existing yard and what would make it more attractive. If you are interviewing people to do the upkeep, ask each for a personal opinion. You can improve the exterior in two or three areas developed for “show.”

4. Remove Unwanted Guests – If the grass and planting beds are filled with crab grass and weeds, you would be better off to have a professional spray to alleviate most of the problem before investing money and time in other parts of the landscaping.

5. Keep the Water Flowing – You may be limited by the site as to what you can do about some detractions, but if water stands in some areas, it needs to be channeled away even if it is necessary to install drains.

Many landscape ideas do not cost a great deal of money to incorporate, but they may be the very enhancements that make a house desirable to a buyer. Always use an experienced landscaper to do any major work required, and be sure to have a guarantee for the services performed.

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