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Divorce Lawyers Buffalo Ny

The litigious nature of individuals and businesses has made legal representation during divorce cases quite expensive, even by American standards. The main costs associated with a divorce suit include attorneys fees and court fees, which can range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the nature of divorce. Luckily, you can fund a divorce case via the equity tied in a residential or commercial property. Here is some more information on this topic

Why You Need Divorce Lawyers Buffalo NY

If you are considering filing for divorce in Buffalo, NY, it is wise to hire a qualified divorce lawyer. This approach is highly recommended for several reasons. To start with, you need a lawyer with a good grasp of NY divorce laws to help you navigate the legal minefield associated with these proceedings. In addition, an experienced attorney will oversee property division, proposed settlements, and child or spousal support agreements to ensure you do not get a raw deal.

New York Attorney and Expert Fees

In New York, divorcing couples must prepare to foot attorney fees that start at around 175 to 450 per hour. Divorce lawyers Buffalo, NY who charge high hourly fees tend to be renowned experts who have handled divorce cases for celebrities or prominent and wealthy Americans. Moreover, divorcing couples may have to settle expenses related to serving legal documents, subpoenas, and written court transcripts. The parties involved in a divorce case can settle these expenses in several ways. Firstly, they could agree to share legal expenses proportionally if both are working or have regular sources of income. Alternatively, a spouse without regular income could ask the judge presiding over a Buffalo NY divorce case to order the financially stable spouse to pay attorney fees.

In some instances, divorce cases involve experts called by the presiding judge or lawyers for divorcing couples to present evidence. This usually happens during contested divorce proceedings when a spouse may disagree with the financial position presented in court by hisher partner. Such experts also charge fees that divorce case parties must settle.

Selling Your House to Settle Divorce Expenses

Depending on factors like location, type of house, structural condition, number of bedrooms, a residential property in Buffalo NY can fetch anywhere from 50,000 to more than 1 million according to data. This means homeowners can turn property equity into cash for paying divorce attorney fees and even settling child or spousal support expenses. In fact, Arcane Properties can buy your home and avail the cash you need to cover divorce costs very quickly. The good news is Arcane Properties does not try to exploit or take advantage of couples going through divorce proceedings. It buys properties at market prices just like individuals or businesses involved in the real estate industry.


When a marriage breaks down, one or both spouses may face difficulties raising the cash required to settle divorce attorney fees. If you are facing such a predicament and own a commercial or residential property, you can sell it and use the proceeds to hire a divorce attorney.

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