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Home Inspections in Western NY – Do You Need One?

What to expect at home inspection and why you need One

Walk through a home and there may not appear to be anything wrong, but this is why you need the experienced eyes of a licensed, professional inspector. It is best to know the potential problems (even with a new home) before you buy. Keep in mind though, an inspector may not be able to identify every problem with the property and may describe a problem you do not have, based on evidence found.  Let’s take a look at why you would want one.

For example, there may be a crack in the foundation if you have doors that do not close correctly or floors that slant. An inspector may give you this assessment without pulling up flooring to check for a crack. You may not have a crack in the foundation but a home inspector gives their best opinion. Why bother with an inspection?


Use as contingency and get an idea for the major and minor Issues


If you are buying a home, you can always use the inspection as contingency in your offer so skipping an inspection is never a good idea. Though they do not do termite inspection and only tell you generally what is wrong, always get a home inspection. Don’t rely on certificates to tell you if an inspector is good. Are they carrying the proper equipment, such as a ladder, a flashlight, electrical testers, carbon monoxide tester or fuel gas tester?


Though a home inspector won’t test for termites, they can inspect the house from roof to floor and tell you when you might have major problems in Western New York. Since they check for leaks, make sure electrical boxes are up to code, HVAC systems are functioning, and laundry rooms and bathrooms are properly vented, a home inspection may save would-be buyers money knowing problems upfront.


What if expenses may be too hard to Take


If a home inspector locates too many problems or problems that Western New Yorkers cannot afford to fix at once. Buyers may have to decide what to fix first or whether to get a second opinion from another inspector. Would-be buyers may want to locate another home with less problems, that is not such a fixer-upper.
No matter what, do not skip a home inspection. You may not be able to purchase a house until it has been inspected. Isn’t it nice to know there is a realtor that can help you find a licensed inspector if you do not know who to call? A realtor can also be on hand to ask questions you may forget. Isn’t it nice to know a realtor can help you through the home buying process? No matter what step you are at in the process, at Bob Arcane Properties, we can help you find the perfect home that meets your needs — whether you are leaning towards mortgage payments or making a cash purchase.

If you are looking for homes that will absolutely pass all inspections, our newly remodeled masterpieces can be a life saver.  Contact us today to get access to our properties BEFORE they hit the market!

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