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As the Buffalo market heats up this is bad news for buyers looking for homes for sale in Tonawanda NY.  Sellers can put less and less effort into making sure the home is top notch since they know they will get an offer anyways.  This is where investment companies like Arcane Properties comes in.

Every home Arcane Properties puts on the market for retail buyers will be done to a higher standard of quality.  The home will be completely move in ready.  IN some cases, like our home for sale at 141 Kelvin Drive, Tonawanda, we have replaced everything in the home except the studs and foundation.  This means that you will have NOTHING to fix up, you will have warranties on all mechanicals for many years to come, and even better, it means that the home is truly “move in ready”.

Here are some important things to condiser when looking at any homes for sale in Tonawanda NY

  1. How old are the mechancials, like the Furnace, Hot Water Tank, sump pump and other things.
  2. Does the home come with the appliances? Many times home owners will take their appliances with them leaving you to spend a few thousand or more to get your own.  Our homes always come fully stocked with brand new appliances.
  3. How old is the roof? Most roofs will last 15-30 years depending on the quality put in.  For the average 1500 sqft house, replacing the roof will run you $4,000 or more.  So this is a big ticket item to consider
  4. Don’t worry about cosmetic stuff. Things like paint colors, older carpet, and other cosmetic things can be easily replaced or redone to suite your taste for very little cost.  Worry about the big ticket items instead!

Whether you are buying a home in Tonawanda or anywhere in Western New York, these same concepts apply.  We would love to know what is important to you when you are buying a house?  Tell us in the comments below!

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