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Make A $Grand$ Today

Seriously, do you want to make $1,000 today? If I show you how, would you actually take action? Or would you, like most people, blow it off as unreasonable, crazy, insane, or any other synonym pertaining to nuts! Well if you seriously want to make $1,000 today then you need to click read more below (it’s ok to cop out now, you haven’t committed anything yet)

So you are serious about wanting to make a grand today. EXCELLENT! Way to take action, you are already a step further than everyone who DIDN’T click on Read more!

Enough of the BS though, let’s get right into it! As you may have read, we are renovating a beautiful home in Northview Gardens, Lockport, NY. As we approach the completion of this renovation, we would really like to have an awesome family move into this awesome house. Heck, you could even lounge on your comfy chair by the fireplace while the movers do all the work! That’s what life is all about! But seriously, since the house has been completely renovated from top to bottom, there is literally nothing else to do but move in and enjoy! So how does this make you money? Simple.

If you refer someone to us who buys this house, we will write you a check for $1,000. That’s it. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. No strings attached. No signatures of blood required. No fine print that stipulates your first born will be ours. No “sign up for 50 product samples and we will send you a free iPad.” No BS. When that person closes, you get a check for $1,000.

If YOU want to buy this house even better! You get options! We will either give you $1,000 towards your closing costs (which means less money out of pocket when you close), OR we will write you a check at closing to help you with anything you might need in your new home!

Just in case that wasn’t enough, take a look at some of the pictures showing the house and the progress that is being made. It is going to look fantastic when it is done!


So. What are you waiting for. Seriously This is not a joke, this is guaranteed money in your pocket and all you have to do is tell someone to contact us. This will take you maybe 5 minutes? That’s the equivalent of $12,000 an hour! Stop wasting time and go find someone!

You or your friend can reach us here:

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