Maximizing Storage Space in Redevelopment Properties

Home shoppers are often concerned about available closet and storage space, and though it isn’t always possible to make closets larger, it is possible to utilize the existing space to its maximum efficiency.


What you can do in a small closet is rather limited, especially in a linen closet with shelves. If the existing shelves are wood, ventilated shelving offers a modern update. In an empty linen closet, the wire shelving gives an illusion of more space than wood shelves do.

Walk-in closets are the places to make a real statement, and it is very inexpensive to add features that will transform a simple layout into one that is imaginative and useful. Some of the features that will appeal to home buyers are:

* Dual hanging rods – Most people have more shirts, blouses, pants, and short items than they do longer dresses and coats, so it is much more space efficient to have a mid-level rod around at least half the perimeter of the walk-in closet.

* Curved corner rods – This closing shelving feature makes it simpler to find clothes in the corner and also takes advantage of available space.

* Shoe shelves – In closet areas where there is only one hanging rod located up high, there is generally some wasted space near the floor. Most everyone accumulates multiple pairs of shoes. Simply placing them along the floor takes up space and makes vacuuming difficult.

Closet components designed specifically for shoes allow them to stack for storage, taking advantage of this otherwise wasted space. A shoe shelf located high enough off the floor allows rows of shoes to be stored for easy accessibility.

* Stacking shelves – Even a clothes closet needs some amount of stacking shelves for folded items and/or places to put boxes of keepsakes.

Closet Design Appeal for Home Buyers

A closet shelving design that maximizes all available space makes a positive statement to home shoppers. This is a property renovation that can also be completed very affordably.

Closet shelving component manufacturers also offer very moderately priced “bells and whistles” that add to the selling features of a property such as garment bags, sweater bags, rolling shoe racks, and more. Closets can also be affordably customized to fit specific needs such as laundry rooms, pantries, offices, kids’ rooms, lawn and garden sheds, garages, workshops, and hobby/sewing rooms.

The laundry room is a room that frequently needs attention as it is often a neglected area regarding storage functionality. Many houses are designed with very small laundry rooms, so the use of shelving placed in strategic places is a great benefit. A fold out ironing board is a simple addition that utilizes space sensibly.

If a bedroom is rather large but has a tiny closet, it is better to convert some of the room into the expansion of the closet. The feasibility of this renovation expense should be weighed against the overall storage space available in the home to determine if it increases the sales appeal.

Assessing Modification Possibilities

An experienced home remodeling contractor can make a quick inspection of a property to determine which areas could benefit from some modifications to make the property more appealing to home buyers. Sometimes even a moderate renovation investment is wise to make a “fix and flip” move faster on the market.

Don’t forget to check out your local Home Depot or Lowes. They offer “California Closets” in sectional pieces that you can put together as you see fit. This is a low cost way to implement what we just talked about. They even offer an online 3D space planning utility that allows you to plan your closet and then print out a list of the item numbers you will need to complete your design!

That’s it for now! Please feel free to tell us what you have done to Maximize Storage Space! We love to hear from you!

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