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Some people wonder what real estate investors, homebuyers, renters and sellers desire to obtain from real estate agents in Buffalo NY during 2015. Here is what can be expected.

To begin with, Buffalo NY is going to experience an increase in the number of people becoming real estate agents. Additionally, due to higher prices, and increase in inventory, and the loosening of mortgage markets will make it more profitable for Realtors already in existence in New York. However, it will be necessary for them to continue to produce the results consumers are looking for.

So, now it is important to determine just what it is that investors, renters, sellers and buyers of real estate are interested in most.

The True Picture

We hear a lot of talk about standing out and being authentic, but it seems that many agents are still working with their old profile picture promoting their image. The bad thing is while this may help them remain unrecognizable while not working with a client, extreme photo shopping makes it impossible to recognize them in person. Surely, the time has come to upgrade that image to one that really works. Your true personality should shine through so that others are drawn to you. A more welcoming picture should do the trick.


The time has come when sellers, homebuyers and investors are more interested in working with real estate agents that are more approachable. Some homeowners in New York are still underwater with their mortgages and face foreclosure. Many have trouble just reaching out to find help. Don’t forget about those renters and buyers with good incomes these days that have not had an easy time of it for a few years. Just by showing them the respect they deserve you may be able to create a good situation for everyone.

Rapid Response

Although a large number of Realtors have been working in the industry for some time that does not mean they are delivering the fast responses clients want. It is like throwing business away when inquiries from buyers, sellers, and renters are not responded to in a timely manner. If you have taken too much on, it may be time to dial back a bit on the ads and marketing strategies. Or, you could bring in someone to help. It’s a good move to build a good team. That can be done on an as needed basis by outsourcing for team members.

Mobile Friendliness

In 2014 60 of home buyers searched listings on their mobile devices. That number is expected to increase in 2015. Isn’t it time real estate agents Buffalo NY made their businesses mobile friendly? Listings, blogs and websites must be tailored to today’s mobile market. That means looking great and being easy to navigate via mobile devices.


We are dealing with a complicated real estate market today. While statistics can be confusing, the media’s insatiable appetite for non-stop content has a tendency to make it ever so much more. It isn’t easy to determine what is a good deal and what is not even for those working in the real estate industry. Consumers are desperate not to make bad moves. For many, doing nothing is preferable to that. They are not just interested in being sold on a property. What they want most is to receive proper guidance and advice so they can make the right choices. It is not uncommon for Realtors to sell themselves short because they want to rush clients to make a decision.


Even though the retail industry has been permeated by transparency, this same principle is often lost on the real estate industry. The sad thing is that this is simply counterproductive in today’s real estate market. It is impossible for Realtors to hide what their commission is once everyone is around the closing table. At the same time, they fail to make it known the small amount that winds up in their pockets or what they spend to help clients find the property they want. To serve consumers better, preserve incomes, and help real estate agents Buffalo NY save the industry they love, being more transparent is in order.

Social Responsibility

Helping those in need is the social obligation for real estate investors. Everyone wants to do business with social responsible businesses. Doing the right thing never goes out of style. It helps build respect for you and build brand awareness. When people find out that you are a wonderful person to work with, your business will grow.


A good many real estate agents Buffalo NY have already started doing this, but others have some work to do. It’s sure to separate top agents from the rest of the pack. Where do you want to be at the end of 2015?

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