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Selling something that is not unique or in short supply and costs a lot of money is not easy, even if people really need it. The housing market has an oversupply in some places and shortage in others. In Lockport, NY, for instance, there are many people who are selling, but few people who are willing to buy the properties at the current market prices. If you own a house in the area, therefore, it may take you months to sell it, and the offers you get may not meet your expectations. Fortunately, there are real estate agencies that can connect you to the market and help you get an offer that is close to what you’re seeking. The upfront fees and commissions charged by these firms, however, may be quite considerable, something that may force sellers to consider DIY options. Aside from using a real estate agent and DIY approaches to sell the house, another great option is to sell the house to an investor. Arcane Properties is a real estate investment firm that is always looking for properties in the Western NY region. The company can help you sell house fast Lockport NY.

Benefits of Selling to Arcane Properties

i) Get Cash Offers

The main benefit of selling a house to an investor, such as Arcane Properties, is that you will get a cash offer. This is because investors often have ready cash in their bank accounts, so they only need to carry out some due diligence and have you sign the sale agreement before wiring the funds to your account or writing a check. If you sell to an individual buyer, you will have to wait for the buyer to have their mortgage application approved and funds transferred to your account. This may take several days or a couple of weeks, time that you may not have.

ii) Zero Closing Costs

Real estate transactions have closing costs that can significantly reduce the amount of money the seller takes home. Unfortunately, these costs are unavoidable. One of the main benefits of selling to an investor is that they will cover the closing costs on your behalf. Once you agree on the price and sign the necessary documents, you will get the agreed amount of money.

iii) No Fees

When selling through a real estate agent, there are numerous out of pocket expenses that you will be required to cover. For instance, the real estate agent may ask you to pay advertising fees and other expenses out of pocket. If you do not have the money, you may be forced to wait and save until you can afford to use their services. This is not only inconvenient, but also unnecessary. The good news is that investors usually buy property directly from the seller, so there are no upfront fees. Furthermore, they do not charge a commission or brokerage fees. Real estate agents usually charge a huge commission, which is a percentage of the selling price. Once the property is sold, the agent will demand their commission, thereby reducing the amount of money you take home.

iv) Sell Property in Any Condition

Everybody has a good idea of what their dream home looks like. When looking for a house to buy, therefore, potential buyers would ignore any property that is in a bad shape. To sell a rundown property, you would have to mend damaged fences, mow the lawn, repair the driveway, paint the house, replace the flooring, carry out roof repairs and remodel the bathroom among other things. These are not only costly, but also time consuming processes. When the house is finally ready, you may find that selling it at an above market price would still give you a huge loss due to the costly repairs and renovations. The good news is that investors do not mind buying houses that look bad. They know how to inspect and appraise houses, so they can make you a cash offer and buy the house as it is. This will save you a lot time and money. Imagine taking out a personal loan just to make your house attractive to buyers. Arcane Properties can help you avoid doing that. All you need to do is call Arcane Properties and wait for your cash.

v) Sell House in any Location

When looking to buy their dream home, buyers normally have a clear idea of the neighborhood where the property needs to be located. If your Lockport, NY, home meets their specifications but is located in a neighborhood that does not meet their requirements, selling it will be difficult. Arcane Properties, on the other hand, buys any type of house that is located in Western NY, regardless of the neighborhood.

vi) Sell House Fast

Selling a house through a real estate agent often takes time. This is because the property must be fixed up and advertised on real estate listings, social media and online marketplaces. On average, a property that is sold through a realtor takes over a month to find a decent buyer. Even after finding the right, buyer, the transaction will take a couple of weeks to complete since banks usually have strict timelines. This means that you should expect your house to be sold after at least two months. If you want to sell house fast Lockport NY, selling through a realtor is not an option. Ideally, you should contact Arcane Properties to make you an offer and close the deal quickly. This should not take more than a couple of hours or a few days.

vii) Sell Difficult House

Some houses are difficult to sell. For instance, foreclosure properties, REOs, short sales and properties that are subject to divorce proceedings or probate can be difficult to offload. If the house you’re selling has fire damage, or you want to relocate to another state or overseas immediately, it can also be difficult for you to sell the property. The good news is that Arcane Properties has the experience, technical know-how and expertise needed to buy difficult properties. Just give them a call and negotiate a great deal to offload the property fast.

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