Sell Your Home Quickly Or For The Most Money

Is it more important to sell your home quickly or for the most money?

There’s a big difference between selling a home fast and selling it for the greatest possible amount of money. When I work with sellers, I frequently hear them say, “I just want to sell my home fast – AND I want to get the most for my property.” In reality, however, these can mean two very different things in different market sectors.

At the highest price points, there tends to be a very limited number of buyers and thus, only so many of these transactions are going to come to a close each year. If you’re attempting to sell within a significantly higher than average price range, the most important factor in getting the property sold is the price you set. Offering the best value for the price is what will help you sell it fast. There may even be times when home improvements are necessary for ensuring that your property is able to compete with other homes in the local market.

At times, reducing the sales price can be helpful as well, but there are also instances in which price reductions are not sufficient for getting the job done. To make sure that the property will actually move, you have to make sure that both the condition of the home and its price are market-appropriate.

Unfortunately, the first offer is not guaranteed to be the best offer. In fact, the first offer and many of the offers that follow could be a lot lower than you want them to be. In many cases, particularly in higher markets, getting the price that you want can take time. In some portions of the market, this can mean months or even years, rather than mere weeks or days. Average time on the market means exactly that certain homes sell quicker than average and others take longer than average. In specific market areas, there are only so many qualified buyers who are searching.

To move, your property must be offering the absolute best value for the price. If you want to hang up a “Sold” sign in place of the “For Sale” sign that you’ve posted, it will take the targeted marketing we provide and some definite work on your part. Throughout this process, your greatest asset will always be your patience.

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