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Selling Houses: Don’t Dismiss These ‘Tire Kickers’

All real estate agents, investors and even regular homeowners will run into their share of ‘tire kickers’ when selling houses in San Diego, CA. However, it pays not to make assumptions, or dismiss potential buyers based upon first impressions.

No San Diego County Realtor, real estate investor or homeowner has the time to waste with the ‘tire kicker.’ You know; those that like to look a lot, but will never buy anything. Time is money in this businesses, and aside from the money, time is the most precious asset anyone has. Industry professionals must be generating an ROI on their time and can’t afford to chauffeur around lookers that really have no intention of buying. Those trying to sell their homes themselves probably have better things to do then rushing home on their lunch break to show their home – unless there is a viable and qualified buyer. Most recognize this. Unfortunately, some take it too far in the wrong direction, to their own deficit.

So why might it be wise to be slower to judge and dismiss those ‘tire kickers’ snooping around your property again?

For starters, they could be real deals just waiting to happen. Just because many Realtors and investors like to show off their toys, doesn’t mean everyone else does. In fact, many of those that are truly wealthy may be those that show up in shorts and sandals (but with a trunk full of cash). They don’t need to impress anyone, and they know showing off too much can just mean merchants will try to take advantage of them. Instead, they dress down and play it low key. Don’t underestimate what that ‘beach bum’ or skateboard wielding, tattooed rocker might have in their bank account, or that they are serious about buying a home. In fact, because many others may have dismissed them, they may be your best clients ever if you just treat them better.

More of these perceived ‘tire kickers’ may just put on a nonchalant attitude as part of a strategy, because they want to be cautious with their wealth or they are simply naturally indecisive and need questions answered that they aren’t asking. Learn to read between the lines, ask the right questions, and ask for the business.

Of course, there may genuinely be some individuals out there browsing homes that may not be great immediate prospects. Maybe they can’t qualify for a mortgage right now. Maybe they are just dream home window shopping, maybe they are waiting for a big settlement payout, maybe they are poking around for friends and family.

Chances are, these ‘lookie Lous’ will need help with buying or selling a home, or both. Thanks to social media, the sphere of influence each individual shares has been booming. Sooner or later they will know someone that needs your services. One thing is for sure – treating them poorly will eliminate the opportunity of future leads and business, and you don’t know who their connections are. Even if they weren’t a qualified customer, you can bet they’ll be quick to put you down across the web if treated poorly.

Some may be truly dead ends, and be big time wasters over a span of years. Know how to limit your time with them, but politely. Regardless, add them to your real estate lead database, stack them up and make future marketing more profitable and selling homes faster.

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