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Selling Your Property On Your Own in Buffalo

Selling your property on your own, particularly with the intent to sell your house fast Buffalo, is not for everyone.  But if you’re really determined to do the selling, you should know these critical factors that can help you attract the right buyers.

Use Social Media

While you can use your personal Facebook account, it is better to have a dedicated page where you can post information, pictures, and announcements about the property you’re selling.

You may also try Instagram and Pinterest, which are visual social platforms.  They are particularly ideal for house sellers or pretty much anyone who can benefit from a good visual presentation.

Ideally, you should post at least one announcement every day to generate enough interest.  The use of high-quality photos and well-detailed descriptions of the property—i.e., the number of rooms, floor plans, special features, and even the neighborhood—can further help you attract more buyers.

Create Your Website

Having a website will make you appear like a pro to prospective buyers.  Just make sure that the graphics and pictures, videos, layout, and content all look professionally done.

The cost of a website varies significantly from business to business.  But in general, inexpensive shared hosting companies like GoDaddy and InMotion may cost as little as $10 per month, while custom-made sites can fetch as high as $15,000.

Regardless of your budget, you want to make sure that your dedicated website is complete with details, including those relating to tax information.  After all, you want to avoid being flooded with questions and phone calls about the property.

Your website should have a domain name that is short, easy to type, and related to your keywords:  For instance, if you want to sell your house fast Buffalo, you have to use the location and include this in your content.  By using relevant keywords and key phrases, you improve your searchability and ranking on search engines such as Google.

To further streamline your efforts, it is ideal to have a dedicated number that comes with an automated voicemail that directs people to your website.

Use Online and Traditional Marketing

The Internet is teeming with real estate websites where you can post your property.  Many of them are free, although paying a small fee might be ideal if you want to improve your searchability and ranking.

Again, you want to make sure that you post high-quality photos and well-detailed description of your property.

Of course, traditional marketing tools such as yard signs and brochures can further beef up your marketing campaign.  Place your signs on the intersections leading to your property and any major thoroughfare provided that the town rules allow it.

Seek Legal Help

While in some situations you may skip real estate agent or multiple listing services, this is something you shouldn’t do when you’re entering a legal contract that involves huge sums of money.  After all, a small lapse in judgment may lead to financial disaster.

Make sure that you hire an attorney who is adept in real estate contracts.  He can scrutinize the agreement and offer and see if it is favorable to you.

Do Open House and Do It Right

You have to make the property attractive to the buyers.  Take note that a frayed rug at your doorstep is enough to give a bad impression.  A good rule of thumb is to de-clutter, deep clean your floors and windows, keep your bathrooms squeaky clean, trim overgrown hedges, and perform major dusting.

Good lighting, scented rooms, and balmy temperature can also make your property perfect for showing.

Furthermore, you should exude professionalism and friendliness when selling a property.  In addition, make sure that you know the nitty-gritty details of the house, including its previous owners and history if possible.

Also, don’t take insensitive comments personally, and don’t lose heart if you haven’t received any offer despite multiple showings.  After all, according to anecdotal reports on average, you’ll need showings between 15-20 before you receive an offer.  Other factors that will affect your home listing will include price range, location of the property, and market trend (hot market vs. cold market).

To learn more about selling your property, contact the renowned real estate solutions company Arcane Properties.  We buy houses Buffalo at a fair price and eliminate the upfront cost, commissions, and other fees to further help homeowners and the communities.

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