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Selling Your WNY Home?

Western New York is nice place to live in with beautiful tourist attractions and a fairly steady economy that is likely to get a boost with the planned high-speed rail line. However, career opportunities and other things might be drawing you elsewhere. Selling your WNY home? Then you will have to decide how you plan to sell the property. You can use different routes depending on your needs and your goals. The usual route is to list with a real estate agent who can then take care of the details on your behalf. The other is to sell directly to an investor to cut out the middleman.

Listing with an Agent

There are lots of reasons why this is still the most preferred option among sellers. Many don’t have enough experience with the sale of properties so they depend on the expertise of these agents throughout the process. It allows them to focus on their work and the task of moving while their agent finds a buyer. These people know how to market homes to get a great price. They play up the strengths through interesting descriptions and flattering photographs. They also have a wide network that they can tap get locate possible buyers immediately. They know how to talk to these people to close the sale.

It’s true that using an agent is likely to result in a higher sales price compared to going at it alone. However, this is not the only thing that matters in the end. Their work will have to be compensated with a certain percentage of the sale. This can be a significant sum. Once you subtract it from the price, what seemed to be a great deal often becomes a mediocre transaction. Your profits will definitely take a big hit because of their commission but that is what happens when you hire a middleman.

We are usually talking of tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits. This is a pretty large amount that you can use for the family’s expenses instead of giving it away as commission. For instance, you can supplement your children’s college fund with it or add it to your retirement fund. Think about the places that you can visit or the car that you can purchase with this amount in your pocket. And perhaps you can get to do all that by simply opting to forego the agent route. Sell the property yourself and get all of the proceeds.

Selling Directly to an Investor

Talk to investors directly. An investor can make you an offer quite quickly and provide payment right away should you accept the terms. There is no need to do any renovations that will cost you more money. The property can be bought as is. The transaction could not be any simpler as it is made without any middlemen to complicate matters. The house will be evaluated based on the typical cost of the properties in the neighborhood as well as its current condition. The offer will be fair and balanced with all things considered.

Owners get the payment in full and don’t have to share even a portion of it to an agent. What’s more, this is a faster way to sell the house which may be crucial if you are trying to a beat a deadline. Agents can’t guarantee when a sale will happen because they only facilitate the transaction. Investors have the power of the purse. They have money on-hand and ready to for payment once all of the documentary requirements have been processed. Consider this option if you are selling your WNY home.

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