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The Challenges for Home Sellers in 2015

A surge in homeowners equity is enticing for those wishing to upsize or downsize, hence numerous homeowners in America will consider selling their property in the forthcoming year. The value of property has risen and many houses may have reached peak price, however, the real estate market remains challenging. So, let’s look at the Challenges for home sellers this year.

The Competitive Property Market

Property values may have risen substantially and lots of homeowners feel this is the ideal time to sell their home. However, many other homeowners will also consider it the perfect time to put their property on the market. The market has experienced a surge in the numbers of foreclosed property and the number of real estate owned properties and distressed properties for sale has risen too. A high percentage of REO housing and distressed homes are sold at discount prices. Many thousands of new-build homes are for sale hence the housing market remains highly competitive. This doesn’t signify that property will not sell, the property market forecasts a rise in property sales during 2015 and home-sellers should be aware of this.

Locating a Reputable Realtor

As the American property market continues to do well, the amount of real estate companies and realtors has increased. There are many well-established real estate agencies, but many real estate brokers are relatively new to the game. Indeed, there are many capable realtors, but the average home-seller may find it hard to tell the difference between a bad agent and a great realtor. We must also consider other factors that impact on the property market. For example, there are many discount real estate brokers and property investors who buy for cash. People who want to sell their home should consider their circumstances and locate a motivated estate agent. The best real estate agents are aware of the key factors that drive the property market.

How to Find a Homebuyer

During 2015 we expect to see an increase in the number of potential homebuyers. Domestic real estate investment is on the increase and foreign property investors are keen to jump on the bandwagon. Millennial homebuyers want a slice of the pie as do middle-aged foreclosure victims wishing to get back on the property ladder. However, regardless of the tempting property market and keen interest, many will not be entitled to a home loan or have saved sufficient for a down payment. Only hard work will ensure a home seller is able to find a buyer.

Locating the Ideal Property

A percentage will find it hard to find the home of their dreams. Cash buyers target regions where property is in high demand, hence qualified borrower will notice people are competing to purchase property. This is the best time to climb the property ladder and the ideal time to clinch a good deal on new homes.

Preparing to Sell Your Home

A home should be prepared and staged to ensure a quick sale for the best price. Naturally, home-sellers who sell for cash will not be expected to do this. Homeowners that sell their property in the traditional manner should heed the real estate agents advice when preparing their property for appraisal, photographs and viewings. It is not easy to prepare a home to sell in fact, it can challenge your emotions. All homeowners like to think they live in the best property in the street. Concentrate on the house sale and don’t take criticism to heart.

How to Make Sense of the Property Market

The news is filled with tales and property market statistics. A number of potential homebuyers will hold-back and miss out, whereas others will be given inflated property valuations. An informal chat with a few reputable local real estate brokers is the ideal way to value a home. The agents may indicate the best price for a quick sale. You may decide against hiring a real estate agent to market your property, but sensible home sellers seek professional advice. Those who are unsure about the home-selling process, or the time it takes to sell properties will benefit from speaking with an agent. Current home improvements can impact on the value of the house.

In Conclusion

2015 is considered the best year to sell a house. Many will move from their old home having secured a great deal on the home of their dreams. Yes, there are numerous Challenges for home sellers this year, but no challenge is insurmountable. It is key to assess the property market, to seek advice from professional realtors and to be strong enough to overcome hiccups along the way.

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