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Selling a home can be a challenging experience for most people, especially first-timers. If you are trying to sell your home chances are you have spotted signs reading “We Buy Houses North Tonawanda” or you have listed your property for sale. Navigating this process until you close the sale requires a lot of patience and best you need to understand the real estate market. Most importantly, you need to make a decision whether to sell to an investor or a retail buyer. If you have a limited time to close the sale, you are probably not going to find the traditional method of listing your home an appropriate option. If you need ready cash and have little or no time left, selling it to an investor may just be the option for you. Here are some of the reasons why selling to investors is better than looking for retail buyers around

Fast Sale

Generally, investors come with quick offers, usually within 24 hours upon placing your request. You don’t have to wait long or go through a tedious process before you receive your offer. All you need is to contact your investment company to visit your property where offers may be made on the spot. However, this doesn’t mean that the offer provides is final, you can give a counter offer or decline the offer. Often, most property owners who list their property either do so to recoup their investment or are avoid foreclosures. This cannot be possible, especially if you are dealing with retail buyers who often take longer to close. In most cases, investors close the sale within ten days or less because they neither have to go through the processes of approved financing, appraisal nor home inspections. By bypassing all these steps, investors are able to expedite the process.

Avoid Foreclosure

Has your mortgage company been issuing you with foreclosure notices or is your bank issuing threats to reposes your property? If this is the case, an investor could be your one-stop solution you have been looking for. Investors not only buy homes “as is” they also pay one-time cash upon signing the acceptance forms. In most cases, they have arrangements in which they can take over your mortgage, allowing you to occupy the home by renting it from them. By giving you these options you avoid foreclosure hence let your credit score undamaged. If you are racing with time because you are behind schedule and need to have the peace of mind, investors are the ideal solution. What this means is that you stand to enjoy the equity in your home when you sell fast before your home is foreclosed.

In most cases, investors will be willing to pay cash for a property and given the ever-changing financial situations coupled with an ever-increasing complaints about low appraisals, allowing a cash buyer to grab your home would be even more attractive. Real estate investors have the financial muscle to pay you cash for your property flat out. Therefore, you can expect a paycheck the day of closing if you choose to sell to an investor. Retail buyers will have to depend on banks to finance the purchase, a process that may take several months for the check to come through. In addition, you will not have to worry about your potential buyer backing out at the time when you really expect a payment.

No extra Commission Costs

Realtors, who primarily form a greater chunk of retail buyers charge a commission. By selling to an investor, you will instead forego this charge. Remember that the offer an investor makes is the actual amount you will receive on the day of closing your property’s sale. In addition, investors do business on large scale, meaning that they are always ready to take up any home for sale unlike retailers who buy to sell immediately before they can look for another property. Therefore, with traditional realtors, homes will typically stay on the market for weeks, months or even at worst over one year.

Flexible Payment Options

Retail buyers have restricted payment options since they deal with a limited number of people. Other the other hand, investment companies offer a variety of payment options, including cash, certified funds, pre-scheduled cash payments or in some cases take over your mortgage entirely, relieving you of the burden and worry settling with your mortgage company. With multiple payment options, home sellers are able to select payment solutions that suit their immediate needs.

Real Estate Investors Buy “As Is”

Most retail buyers are looking to buy homes that are ready for use since most of them are either not ready to put in more money for renovations or are individuals looking to buy their own homes. Typically, investors are always willing to buy a home “as is” and often before making any appraisals or visiting the site. As a home seller, this means that you will not have to grapple with costly repairs that would prove a financial burden to you. “As is” means that investors will buy the property in its current condition on the day when you give consent to the sale agreement. If you are a kind of a seller who doesn’t have the resources or time to do the repairs, realtors or retail buyers are definitely not your option. With an investor, selling your home is quick, there is no tedious work involved and what’s more, you get the best possible market value offer for your property based on its existing condition. Further, you will not be required to pay for inspections prior to selling your home.

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of immediate cash, or plan to sell your home fast whether because you are moving out or for other reasons, why not think about selling your home to a real estate investor? Not only will you bypass the commission check, you also will get instant cash effortlessly. Are there liens, credit-related issues or other legal bottlenecks? A Real estate investor will not shy away– instead he or she will buy the home regardless of all these issues.

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