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Whenever people list their houses for sale, they attract any kind of buyers. However, selling a house to an investor accrues several benefits that other kind of buyers especially retailers do not offer. A house seller will always find posts such as “We Buy Houses Synder” since investors are interested in buying a house and using it for other business purposes other than living in it. Not only do investors have money to buy a house, but selling a house to them has other advantages as this article discusses below.

Payment options

Investors offer flexible payment options. Besides taking up a mortgage, they can use certified funds and previously-scheduled cash payments in addition to applying cash payments. All these options match with the preference of a seller. Notably, a seller does not go through the hustle of handling multiple payment processes that transfer ownership in order to give up the rights of the property.

Cash offers

Investors usually are serious when it comes to buying houses. It means that they have already made a provision to use cash when buying a house. This option creates a solution to the growing restrictions on finance and complaints that come from low appraisals. Using cash to buy a house always sounds appealing than using any other payment modes.

“As is” Purchases

Sometimes selling houses calls for repairs and other works that add the aesthetic value. However, selling a house to investors does not come with much hustle since they are usually ready to buy a house as it is at the moment. Some investors do not even need to visit the site in order to verify the condition of the house. This aspect enables the owner of the house to save on costly repairs that create a dent on any budget.

Fast Closings

Selling a house to an investor like Arcane Properties saves up time. Some investors take up to 7 days to close house-selling deals. The fast closing potential comes from overlooking some previous-selling requirements such as house inspections, approved financing, and appraised values. Investors bypass the said requirements, and they reduce the time taken between offering a house for sale and receiving the final payment.

Guaranteed Expectations

There are several uncertainties that surround selling of a house. Sometimes, buyers can promise to seal a deal, but change their mind later. This incident takes a house seller back to the drawing board. When one offers to sell a house to an investor, there is a high probability that an investor will seal the deal. In fact Arcane Properties has a 100% close ratio on every signed contract.  We buy houses Snyder NY and if you sign with us we WE WILL CLOSE!  One always gets a fast offer that beats the waiting that comes with making a deal with a retailer. It means that investors have a made-up mind that awaits any house-selling offer.

A Solution to Foreclosure

Whenever a bank gets on ones debt case, a foreclosure is always imminent. Investors help a house-owner to beat bank deadlines since they can even offer cash deals. It becomes possible for one to pay a bank debt, and even have extra cash to use on other projects. Importantly, an investor can pay in cash for a house and rent it to the former owner. This move ensures that a house owner does not need to shift from a house after selling it. Additionally, a house owner retains his credit score even though he did not manage to maintain the debt repayments.

No Commission

Realtor agents usually ask for commission from house sellers. However, selling a house to an investor enables a house owner to avoid commission costs. A house seller receives the full amount of the selling price. The no-commission advantage helps a seller to enjoy every coin that comes from the selling price.

Connections with Other Useful Services

Investors have a list of connections that details useful services such as cleaning and moving companies. Such information comes in handy when a house seller wants to move after closing a house-selling deal. Sometimes it becomes a hustle to sell a house and still look for another house to move to after selling the current one. A house seller can come into an agreement with an investor on the exact date of moving and an investor can assist the seller with the said services.

Avoiding Market Fluctuations

Sometimes it takes a long time to close a deal when selling a house. The unforgiving house market keeps on fluctuating, and a house seller can lose money when the price of the house goes down. Selling a house to an investor creates an instant opportunity that brings in money. It helps a seller to avoid the uncertainties that the house market carries since it is usually a speedy deal.

Getting it Right in Other Projects

Sometimes, people sell houses when they need to change jobs, or relocate for other reasons. Selling a house can sometimes consume a lot of time that keeps the seller waiting. An investor comes in handy especially when one has strict deadlines to meet. It means that the seller can report to a new job without any inconvenience. Selling a house to an investor translates into matchless convenience.

Seizing Opportunities

Selling a house to an investor saves time. A house seller who has timed opportunities, such as buying a specific house in a preferred location, manages the purchases without any inconvenience. The delay that exists between offering a house for sale and closing the deal vanishes when an investor comes into the picture during a house sale.


The flexibility that comes with selling a house to an investor spells freedom. Sometimes house sellers can offer their property up for sale due to several entangling issues. The sellers become free when an investor offers a prompt solution, since the sellers get the money and time to accomplish the activities and responsibilities that had tied them.


The several advantages that come with selling a house to an investor define convenience. Not only does the seller get spontaneous results, but also freedom to seize other opportunities. Whilst a retailer can take a long time to decide on buying a house, an investor usually has a ready mind to buy the house and save a seller from the agony of waiting to close a house-selling deal. So, whenever house sellers see a post such as “We Buy Houses Synder”, they should always think of selling their house to investors.


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