Why My Agent Didn’t Sell My House

Many home owners put their property on the market believing they will have a quick, easy sale. However, things don’t always go as planned. By placing your property on the market it could remain there for several months. When selling a property it must stand out from all the other properties on the market. For sale by owner does not work for every homeowner. Most homeowners will hire a Realtor to sell their property. Simply hiring a Realtor may not always guarantee your property will sell. Many sellers ask why my agent didn’t sell my house. The property could remain on the market for several months. Often homeowners become frustrated with the lack of interest in their home. The truth is, there could be many reasons your property remains on the market. Sometimes the Realtor is at fault for not selling the property. However, there may be several reasons your property is not selling and remains on the market.

In a buyer’s market it is very important to make your property stand out among all the other available properties. If your property is not selling, take a look at the competition. Take a look at other properties in your neighborhood at the same price range. In other words, do your homework. You cannot compete in the real estate market, unless you are aware of the competition you are facing in your neighborhood. Take a look at pending sales in your neighborhood. They will give you a good idea of the type of property currently selling. Don’t rely on comps from the area, as they are often outdated they are using three to four months old. You need to know what is selling right now. Many homeowners may need repairs to their property, before putting the property on the market. For example If the top 5 of properties in your market have a new remodeled kitchen, you may need to remodel your kitchen to remain competitive and sell your property. Listen to your realtor’s suggestions, as they are the expert at marketing your property. If a seller chooses to ignore the realtor’s suggestions, the property may remain on the market forever.

Ultimately in the real estate market it takes a tremendous amount of work and creativity to sell a property. Often homeowners may simply not have the time, or money to invest in their property. Many homeowners often discover it is in their best interest to sell their property to an investment company. Sellers who need to sell their property as soon as possible, may need to work directly with an investment company.

Selling to an investor eliminates the need for a Realtor. When a seller does not use a Realtor, they may save several thousand dollars in commissions. Arcane Properties is an investor who purchases properties directly from the homeowner. Working with Arcane Properties eliminates several concerns for the homeowner, such as marketing and promoting the property. By selling the property to Arcane Properties, the seller eliminates the need for remodeling and renovations required to sell their property. Ultimately using an investor such a Arcane Properties puts more money in the seller’s bank account.

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