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Find Out What You Want to Know about Williamsville NY

Are you the type of person who values privacy? Do you need to leave the big city life and move to a quiet place? Could it be that you are looking for a nice calm environment to live in to enjoy your retirement?

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of a large city, seeking information about quaint and close-knit communities is the way to go.

Sometimes, the need for peace trumps all else due to the seemingly unending stresses of life. Other times, a change in residential location is absolutely necessary because of career changes or a job that requires relocation.

For people in search of a new residence with a completely different demographic than the usual smog-filled, traffic-riddled city life, you can find out what you want to know about Williamsville NY.


This little village is located about one mile from Amherst. Both areas share the same County but there are vast differences in population, income level, and property value.

Although on a slight increase, the average income for families in Williamsville NY is still a bit lower than its neighboring town. As a much smaller community whose population has seen a slight decrease from 2000 to 2013, the village has succeeded in maintaining a higher number of married residents than singles and divorced individuals.

With females dominating the population at around 57, only about 318 women actually work within the village. However, the much larger number of residents who work outside of the village only has an approximate 20 commute to their places of employment.

The most common industries that women in Williamsville NY work in are health, education, and office support, while the remaining 43 of males cover fields in management, manufacturing, sales, and architecture. The more low-paying jobs for males and females in the village are around the same.


Despite the drop in population and below average property value, the educational system for elementary and middle school students seems to be quite successful with 8 large public schools in the area, all with school ratings above 75.

There are also about 3 private elementarymiddle schools, 1 private high school, and 3 public high schools to choose from for your children.

Most collegeuniversities are nearby, but outside of the village. But within Williamsville are two trade schools. One cosmetology school (Leon Studio One School of Hair Design) and one other service industry trade school (New York Institute of Massage, Inc.).

Shopping and Health Care

With over 50 major businesses including 1 Walgreens, 1 Walmart, 1 Sephora, and 1 Macy’s, finding the right place to shop should not be an issue. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from, so dining out won’t be a problem either.

Although residents do a lot of commuting in and out of the area, dialysis patients do not have to worry about long rides for their treatment as there are two renal care facilities available within the village along with 3 hospitals. This lowly populated place seems to take pretty good care of their elderly with 7 nursing homes and 2 centers for home care.

Are you interested in moving to a place like Williamsville NY? If so, you can talk about what you’re looking for and find out more information by calling Arcane Properties, 716-800-1414.

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