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Why women home buyers do not have to wait to own a Home

While reports may say home ownership for women is dropping, thanks to women earning up to a ⅓ less than men, this fact doesn’t have to keep women from their dream of owning a home in New York. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14 million women live alone in cities and 118.5 million live in cities and suburbs. Who says buying a home is for single males? Did you know women make up a third of the real estate buying market? But when it comes to being a woman, women do have things that they look for before buying a home. Is the home in a pet-friendly area? Even if women cannot buy outright and must make mortgage payments, is the property owner allowing a dog?

If you are looking for a place for you and your dog, make certain the HOA allows dogs before you move. Many Homeowner Associations welcome canine friends, but may restrict: bred, size, and have a noise ordinance. Do not think the HOA will look the other way if you are breaking HOA restrictions. Some HOA properties have special staff whose job it is to enforce these regulations. Is there an outdoor faucet where you can bathe your dog, if needed? Does the house have carpeting that may pose a problem if your dog is not housebroken? These questions should be answered before you move.


Security may be priority for some NY Women


Does the property in Western new York have an attached garage? With winter a few months away, daylight is gone too quickly. By having an attached garage, a woman can have some security in that she can light her garage up before entering her house. There is no walking up to a dark front door. Though there are roughly 151 home robberies per year per 100,000 people, single women may feel safer if they have a home security system.


What other ways can a woman protect herself when buying a home? Pull police reports for crimes in the area where you may be thinking of living. Some websites have maps that will show crime in an area, rated with red for high crime area and green, for OK. Is the home located in a mixed residential and commercial area? There may be a spike because of businesses suffering theft nearby. Should you still consider the property because it has off-the-street parking and that flower garden you want?
You may have to weigh the cost of the home, against crime reports, and if the home needs any repairs. Sometimes, house buyers can negotiate to have certain repairs made before moving in. But, you should still read home closing documents closely. Western New York home sellers may not be obliged to fix problems before selling the property. Before you go house hunting alone for the perfect residency in Western New York, let our team of talented realtors find you the right investment. At Arcane Properties, We take the guesswork out of the search and help you find what you are wanting. Isn’t it nice to have a realtor you can consult with through the entire process? Has buying or selling your home been a positive experience for you? Please leave your comments for us below. Thank you!

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