Work With One Real Estate Agent

Work With One Real Estate Agent – Yes Or No?

A common perception that exists among many home buyers is that the more real estate agents that they have working on their behalf will result in their finding the best available home. Still others are under the assumption they can get an even better deal if they contact the Listing Agent of the homes they are seeking.

Much of this seems to make great sense, but the truth of the matter is that you may in fact not be getting the great deal you think you are!

One of the things that happen when you do not work with one real estate agent only is that you start receiving a lot of information from different sources and it is often very conflicting and quite confusing. On the other hand, you can build a better and more positive relationship working with one real estate agent and this can be the path to that home of your dreams.

Working with multiple agents will very often lead to your spending a lot of time looking at things far below your expectations and truly not at all even close to what it is that you are seeking.

Working with multiple agents will usually result in your not taking the time, because you are too busy, to hold an orientation meeting with each professional you are dealing with and that meeting will often be the key to your establishing a productive and successful relationship.

When you are working with multiple agents, you are going to find yourself being constantly e-mailed and called every day and you will quickly begin to feel as if this whole process is getting out of your control.

When you work with one real estate agent, that agent is going to take the time to seek out and preview only those homes that they know will interest you before they waste any of your time looking at them.


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